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I think it's time to leave this place

After a peaceful night at a family camping close to Licanray I continued my journey on increasingly busy roads. I think it's time to leave this place. Having so many cars passing by on these narrow roads is simply dangerous. I just wanted to see Pucón and the volcano Villarica...

Distance 54 km (cum. 4,281 km); Ascent 552 m (cum. 27,246 m).

Reflections part 3 about meeting people: I think that traveling alone creates the unique opportunity to meet many people. When you are in a group you usually spend time together and are less open/accessible to contact new people... After many hours on the road I am usually very happy to talk to anyone. Unfortunately there are limited options for meeting local people unless you know somebody in advance who you can meet at your destination... Most people I met were actually working in shops, gas stations, hotels and campings. This was one of the reasons I liked so much organized campings and hostels, despite the costs. And of course it's easier to meet other travelers. They are usually more accessible, more open for discussion... After these ten weeks, however, I would say that I learn more about the country in the boaring places not attracting so many tourists. People living there are not only focused on selling their services but it's possible to simply be there for some time, exchange opinions, eat what they eat, etc...

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