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I started on the famous 'Carretera Austral'

After buying supplies and a good sleep in Villa O'Higgins, I started on the famous 'Carretera Austral', a mostly unpaved 1200 km road through southern Chile. Despite rain and fog, I see a lot of similarities with the north of Norway, except that maybe here is even more wild and untouched by the human hand! It's splendid!

Distance 87 km (cum. 2,657 km); Ascent 1,040 m (cum. 7,960 m). It was raining all day and I was cycling in wet clothes and shoes most of the time. It was a light recurring rain but quite annoying as it was the fourth day of rain and I was carrying a wet tent... For the first time the GPS indicated over 1000 meters of ascension in one day, so I decided to start recording the ascent from the GPS recordings... I am finally in the mountains!!! I camped close to a ferry, trying to keep my sleeping bag dry...

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