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I passed to Chile today

Distance 58 km (cum. 4,115 km); Ascent 913 m (cum. 25,603 m). I passed to Chile today. Unfortunately the road turned again into a very bad 'ripio' - a road from sand, gravel and small stones. I feel this road in all my bones, and the bicycle suffered a lot. During the border control I also saw that the panniers are gradually loosing some parts which I will need to replace...

Arrived on the other side of the lake. I had a choice: stay in the tiny port with only few houses and no mobile network and take the ferry next morning; or take the evening ferry and try to find some accommodation on the other side late in the evening... I decided to go with the ferry, to be able to continue in the morning. I will need to do some bicycle maintenance after the jumpy road and fix my panniers...

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