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I passed the Argentinian border!

Today I started early, before 9:00. I thought I will be able to get to Futaleufú before 13:00 and maybe try to get to Trevelín in Argentina. But the road was so bad and there were so many steep ascensions that I only arrived here, covered by dust and hungry, after 15:00. I decided to have a decent lunch and rest for one hour before continuing to the frontier... After many days of cycling these dirt roads I have a sad conclusion that most people drive here not respecting the other users of the road. They drive very fast, very often not respecting the safe distance during overtaking. As a consequence cyclists are not only suffering from the terrible quality of roads but have to face these assholes in their big cars. This is a bit strange as not so long time ago these people were traveling on foot or on horse and experienced the changing weather conditions and the dusty roads... They should know how it feels like... I guess this happens in all deprived, underdeveloped societies, when people can suddenly afford to buy sophisticated goods. They think "Now I have a big car and I will show them"...

Distance 68 km (cum. 3,520 km); Ascent 987 m (cum. 18,785 m). I finally passed the Argentinian border! It was really a hard day! I was cycling on one of the worst roads to date, formed from sand and tiny gravel, with steep ascensions and so many deep holes and stones that sometimes I felt that either my bicycle or my body with fall apart from constant bumps and jumps... I found a quiet camping 10 km after the border...

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