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Got back to civilization

After 20 km ride on a dirt road, partly in reconstruction, I finally got back to civilization. I actually passed a very interesting place - a nature reserve Huilo-Huilo, with some attractions like puma park, Patagonian deer forest, etc. However, the perspective of being covered by dust by passing cars even more than I was already discouraged me from this attraction... I had a nice lunch at the Choshuenco beach with a nice view of the lake Panguipulli.

Distance 59 km (cum. 4,164 km); Ascent 562 m (cum. 26,165 m). Since I will soon end the first big part of my trip, it's appropriate to summarize my reflections... I had a lot of time for reflecting while spending most of the ten weeks alone :)

Reflections part 1 about getting closer to the nature, away from civilized world: I came here to have a bit of time for myself, enjoy the nature and, maybe most importantly, try to detach a bit from the consumption-driven life, the 'matrix' in which we are constantly being involved... I understand this as something like "work more to earn more to buy more". We are ending up surrounded by massive amount of things we don't need, trapped in the financial loop, when we cannot stop working because we have mortages and loans, families, commitments... Work and consumption becomes the purpose of life... The problem is that I cannot completely detach from it... To come here I bought a lot of expensive equipment and technical clothes. Whenever I can I stay close to people, in organized campings, hostels, I cannot resign from a daily coffee with sweets, and good food... Well, I was lucky to work in Norway and save a considerable sum for this trip... But I admire these people who can limit their needs and travel low profile, camping in the wild or just finding good people on the road... Maybe when my beard will grow longer and my perfect equipment will fall into ruin I will understand that I don't need the best quality things and much money to enjoy the travel??? Let's see...

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