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El Salado

Despite the wind I made it to Tinogasta quite early, around 12:30. I decided to continue. I lost contact with the Swiss couple and I think they wanted to stay here for the night. I was great to spend 10 days with them! Maybe we'll meet in the future :)

Distance 102 km (cum. 5,963 km); Ascent 126 m (cum. 44,200 m). I arrived to a small village El Salado. It has about 600 inhabitants and a 250-years history. Unfortunately, after the train was discontinued the town started to decline and now looks like a half ruin. People live mostly from olive cultivation. After a long search I found the only 'alojamiento'. There I spent a nice evening with the other tenant, an energetic advocate of conspiracy theories. I learned a lot about who rules the world and about why Argentina was sold to United States after Maurizio Macri won the election :)

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