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Continuing to the north during a beautiful weather!

Everything would be perfect if not a strong wind that started after 12:00... Naturally, following the Murphy's law, when I was going north, the wind was blowing to the south :) In the middle of the way to El Bolson I had a lunch break close to Epuyén...

Distance 82 km (cum. 3,740 km); Ascent 648 m (cum. 20,960). I was invited to visit another polish priest in Lago Puelo, a small town close to El Bolson. However, when cycling on 'carretera austral' I met a group of Argentinians, including a girl living in El Bolson. When she heard that I plan to visit her town, she invited me. As she was present only two days and was leaving for another trip on Sunday, I prioritized visiting locals to improve my Spanish and be acquainted with the local culture and style of life. It was a good decision! We went for a beer and then visited her neighbors to share a grill and a locally produced alcohol - Fernet. After the girls had a haircut session :)

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