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Arrived on the Lago del Desierto

Distance 36 km (cum. 2,540 km). Arrived on the Lago del Desierto, last spot in Argentina. We started quite late as we could not decide whether to go until the last moment. To get to the 3-hour ferry on the Lago O'Higgins scheduled on Wednesday afternoon, we needed to leave Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning. Kasia, a Polish girl traveling alone, had arranged for an overnight stay at the Lago del Desierto, so we decided to take a chance to get to Villa O'Higgins, the first village in Chile, before Christmas. Here we are having a nice dinner with the ferry operator who is a friend of Flora from the Casa de Ciclistas. When we arrived to the harbor he kindly invited us to take the sightseeing tour of the lake his company is organizing. Kasia was seated at the drivers seat talking vividly with her fluent Spanish with the captain :)

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