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Arrived in Villa La Agostura

I started relatively early this morning. I liked Bariloche a lot, despite it's loaded with tourists! It has a specific charm and quite spectacular location on a beautiful lake surrounded by monumental mountains... It's really a place to stay for few days and enjoy. Last view on the town and surrounding mountains from the other side of the lake :)

Distance 85 km (cum. 3,950 km); Ascent 693 m (cum. 23,311 m). Arrived in Villa La Agostura. Cycling was good today and I could continue for 20-30 km more to get closer to San Martin de Los Andes. However, I needed wifi to get the instructional video showing how to clean my MSR stove which started to function badly... Recently I had to wait for an hour for the water to boil in the mornings, which delayed me and was a bit frustrating. I stayed at a nice and quite busy camping. Villa La Angostura is a network of 2-3 touristic villages, some adjacent to the lake. Almost all houses are either hotels or restaurants... And the lake itself - Lago Nahuel Huapi - is spectacular, surrounded by monumental mountains and beautiful beaches. The color of the water is deep blue, difficult to beat :)

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