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Arrived in Trevelín.

Compared to tiny villages encountered in previous weeks it looks like a quite big town! I planned to withdraw cash, recharge my Argentinian mobile number and rest through the warmest hours of the day. It was 30 degrees and felt like even more on the sun! The road here was a nightmare, continuation of yesterday's pain... Fortunately an asphalt road started in Trevelín - hell turned into heaven!!!

Distance 70 km (cum. 3,590 km); Ascent 605 m (cum. 19,390 m). Arrived in the National Park Los Alerces with many beautiful lakes and forests. The road leading here was paved, but in the park itself it turned again to a dirt road and because of the huge traffic I came to a free camping covered by dust... Instead of a shower I had a swim in this amazing lake!

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