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Arrived in Metán

Distance 82 km (cum. 6,602 km); Ascent 313 m (cum. 48,656 m). Arrived in Metán, a strange place where abandoned factories are located in the strict centre of the village! Today the road was good and relatively flat. It would be perfect if not the aggressive behavior of Argentinian brainless drivers. Especially those driving the big trucks and big busses don't treat cyclists as users of the road. They almost never wait when the second lane is occupied; They either try to push cyclists from the road by repetitive loud horns or just pass at the speed of 100 km/h, centimeters away. The problem is that those idiots don't risk their lives but somebody else's... Ok, I shouldn't use the big national road in the first place, but the only alternative was coming back by the same road I came here, with a very steep climb of the Infernillo at 3,040 meters!

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