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How to answer to parents' concerns about vaccinations? Guidelines for physicians.

Guideline for physicians in vaccination clinics (in Polish)


Ewa Augustynowicz, Ewa Duszczyk, Anna Góralewska, Ernest Kuchar, Iwona Paradowska – Stankiewicz, Tomasz Sobierajski, Paweł Stefanoff


[Jak odpowiadać na wątpliwości rodziców na temat szczepień? Wskazówki dla lekarzy]. Published by the National Institute of Public Health - National Institute of Hygiene (NIZP-PZH), Warsaw, 2017.



This fantastic brochure collects answers to common questions of parents. It collected experience of authors in their clinical practice and questions sent during 10 years by readers of the major governmental portal on vaccinations It was a lot of work and I think we prepared a valuable resource :)

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