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Chapters on rubella, mumps and varicella-zoster.

Book chapters (in Polish)


Stefanoff P.


Infectious and parasitic diseases – epidemiology and prophylaxis. Edited by Wiesław Magdzik, Danuta Naruszewicz-Lesiuk, Andrzej Zieliński. 6th edition, α-medica press, Bielsko-Biala, 2007.


The team of the National Institute of Hygiene in Warsaw was traditionally coordinating the preparation of consecutive editions of this communicable disease compendium, which was modeled on the control of communicable disease manual published periodically by the American Public Health Association. In contained concise information on the epidemiology, clinical picture and diagnosis of each infectious disease. It was a valuable resource for Public Health workers, physicians and medical students throughout the years! I was involved in the preparation of two consecutive editions (ed. VI in 2007 and ed. VII in 2014). For this one I prepared three chapters and co-authored the foreword on the role of case definitions for surveillance, which were about to be implemented in Poland.

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