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Poster (in English) presented at the MED-VET-NET Scientific Meeting (2008)

In the MED-VET-NET project I learned about the microbial risk assessment methodology, including the "farm-to-fork" approach, consisting of estimating the risk of contamination of foods at different levels of food production and distribution. I wanted to apply my new skills to estimate the risk of contamination of dairy products by tick-borne encephalitis (TBE) virus. The first materials for this investigation came from a serological survey of 43 goat breeding farms, where we collected specimens from goats and collected information on dairy production patterns. The poster summarizes this investigation. I started to collect some more data on food production and distribution, but had to postpone this interesting project, because I could not find investigators or further funding. This poster is the only trace of our efforts :) Anyway, such investigations are usually carried by veterinary institutes or food safety agencies...

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